Wire steel fiber machine

  Description of Wire Steel Fiber Machine 

Steel Fiber Machine adopts Germany technology and counter cutting technology. A concrete steel fiber machine can produce all types of steel fiber for concrete reinforcement by changing cutting molds. Wire type steel fiber machine can make more than 6tons hooked end steel fiber by using one of our machines instead of six sets old-style steel fiber machine.

  Machine Advantage   

  • Feeding steel wire to save at least 20% raw material.
  • Counter rotating cutters, 6 tons per 8hours and stable running.
  • Tungsten alloy cutters, longer life time.
  • Electro-magnetic display for automatic control.
  • Producing different fiber shapes with different molds.
  • Construction steel fiber making machine.

  Technical Data   

Type DP-2000
Productivity 5000-7000 KGS/ 8 hour
Wire diameter 0.3-1mm
Max. length 60mm
Motor 3kw
Tensile strength 600-2880kpa
Raw material Stainless steel wire, Galvanized wire, Iron wire, etc.
Fiber shape Flat type, twist type, wave type, hook type, serrated type, dint type, etc.
Dimension 1×0.72×1.5M
Weight 1200kg

  Youtube Video   

Here below is Wire Type Steel Fiber Making Machine.

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