Welded Wire Making Mesh Machine

  Description of  automatic welded Wire Mesh making Machine   

The new type of welded wire mesh machine raw material is suitable for low-carbon steel wire (black wire) and galvanized wire. low noise, stable working, easier operation, and electro-magnetism speed adjustment.

  Technical Data   

Model DP-DNW-4
Wire diameter 1.6-3.5mm
Mesh hole size When wire 1.6-2.5mm, Min. Longitude size is 25mm, Min. Weft size is 25mm.

When wire 2.5-3.5mm, Min. Longitude size is 30mm, Min. Weft size is 25mm, can be 50*50mm, 100*100mm.

Within above wire diameter range, mesh size can be adjustable freely.

Mesh width Max.2m
Welding electrodes 82pcs
Welding speed Max. 80-120 rows/min
Welding Transformer 70kva*7
Measurement 3.5T

  Youtube Video   

Here you can know more about New type of welded wire mesh machine.

  Machine Advantage  

  • Taiwan Weinview Touch Screen + Japan Mitsubishi PLC, easy operation.
  • Cross wire feeding controlled by Servo motor, faster and more precise.
  • Mesh pulling rubber rollers controlled by Delta Servo motor, working smooth.
  • Taiwan Delta Inverter control motor working, speed adjustable.
  • Japan SMC air cylinder + Electro-magnetic valve for cross wire feeding, working precise and smooth.
  • Welding currency and welding time can be adjusted through Touch screen + PLC, easily.
  • Mesh rolling machine can take up rolls and discharge rolls automatically.
  • Both longitude wire and cross wire are fed from wire coils automatically.

  Finished Product   

3-8mm roll-mesh-welding-machine

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