Wedged Wire Screen Welding Machine

  Description of Wedged Wire Screen Welding Machine   

The wedge wire screen welding machine, also called mine crush screen welding machine, sieve mesh welding machine. wedge wire screen welding machine adopts Panasonic PLC and servo motor for precise control.

  Machine Advantage   

  • PLC: Panasonic (Japan)
  • Servo-feeds and servo-drivers: Panasonic (Japan)
  • Ball and screw unit: (South Korea)
  • Linear slider bearing: (South Korea)
  • Touch screen interface.
  • CNC control of slot size.
  • Water cooling system.
  • Excellent mesh accuracy.
  • Wedge wire screen welding machine

  Technical Data   

Model DP-WS-1 DP-WS-2 DP-WS-3 DP-WS-4
Screen diameter 50-200mm 50-340mm 100-500mm 400-1270mm
Slot size Min.0.1mm Min.0.1mm Min.0.2mm Min.0.2mm
Screen length Max.2000mm Max.6000mm Max.6000mm Max.4500mm
Welding transformer 100kw
Wire material S304, S201, SAE1008, SAE1006 etc
Welding precision If wire tolerance is within 0.01mm, welding precision will be within +/-0.04mm.
Dimension 6*1.5*3.3m 13*1.5*3.3m 13*1.5*3.3m 11*2.1*3.8m
Weight 8000kg 11000kg 13000kg 15600kg

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Here below is Wedge Wire Screen Welding Machine.

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