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Steel grating cutting machine

Barbed wire and chain link fence are used for protection use, in playground fence, livestock feeding or national boarder , in national defense, agriculture, animal husbandry, expressway, etc.


  Machine Description   

Steel grating cutting machine, also called grating cutting saw machine, used to cut the steel grating panels into different lengths.

  Machine Advantage   

  • Automatic cutting for grating
  • Frequency inverter technology
  • Easier operation
  • High production capacity
  • Infrared sight to cut the grating panel on straight line, accurate
  • Cutting disc is made of die steel (#65Mn), hard material.

  Technical Data   

Saw blade diameter 580mm Saw blade thickness 8mm
Bearing bar thickness 2-10mm Grating width Max.1.2m
Main cutting motor 31.5KW Moving motor 1.5KW
Cutting speed 1.6meter/min Machine size 13*1.98*2.3m

  Auxiliary Equipment    


Saw blade grinding machine

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