Spot Grating Welding Machine

  Description of Spot Grating Welding Machine  

Spot grating welding machine, also called grating welding machine, steel grating making machine, use to make steel gratings for petroleum industry, chemical industry, quay, municipal administration, environmental protection, national defense, construction etc. Our steel grating machine is featured by reasonable price and easy operation. This Grating welding machine adopts PLC to achieve exact controlling.

  Technical Data   

Model DP-1200GS
Bearing flat bar range 2.5*25-6*65mm
Cross bar range 5-8mm (twisted square bar or round bar)
Pitch of flat bar 25-60mm
Pitch of cross bar 50-160mm
Grating width Max.1.2m
Grating length Max.6m
Production Capacity 30-100m^2/shift (8hours)
Welding transformer 150kva*2pcs
Needed power supply Min.160kva
Overall size 16*2.5*1.5m
Weight 4000kg

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  Machine Advantage   

  • Panasonic PLC program, touch screen interface.
  • Weld 1 or 2 spots one time.
  • Manually feeding flat bars and cross bars.
  • PLC control of cross wire space adjustment and welding current adjustment.
  • Panasonic servo motor for pulling steel grating.
  • Cooling system: cast water-cooling transformer and welding electrode.
  • Specially designed mould for fixing the flat bars.
  • Steel grating making machine.

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