Shearing Type Steel Fiber Machine

Shearing type Steel Fiber Machine, also called Concrete steel fiber machine, Steel fiber cutting machine, is used to make steel fibers for construction reinforcement. Steel fiber cutting machine can produce all types of steel fiber for concrete reinforcement by changing cutting molds.

  Description of Shearing Type Steel Fiber Machine   

Shearing type steel fiber machine feeds steel sheet and produce steel fibers. By changing different molds, this concrete steel fiber machine can cut steel fibers in different shapes like straight type, twist type, wave type, hook type and so on.

  Machine Advantage   

  1. Feeding waste steel plate, save much cost.
  2. Producing different fiber shapes with different molds.
  3. Simple structure, easy to operate.
  4. Grinder on the same machine easy to sharen cutters.
  5. high working speed and low noise.
  6. Steel fiber cutting machine.

  Technical Data   

Type DP-900
Productivity 900 KGS / 8 hour
Wire diameter 0.2-1mm
Max. length 60 mm
Motor 5.5+0.15 KW
Raw material Galvanized steel sheet, waste steel plate, Iron plate, steel coil, etc.
Fiber shape Flat type, twist type, wave type, hook type, serrated type, dint type, etc.
Dimension 0.6*0.85*0.95M
Weight 700 kg

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Here below is Shearing Type Steel Fiber Machine.

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