Roll Mesh Welding Machine

  Description of Roll Mesh Welding Machine   

Roll mesh welding line, also called automatic welded mesh machine, welded wire mesh roll machine, Roll/Coil mesh welding machine.  Welded wire mesh roll machine adopts our patent technology – Helical gear motor to output big transmission. While imporantly, our Automatic welded roll mesh machine use servo motor to control cross wire distance, more precise.

  Technical Data   

Model DP-FP-1200BN DP-FP-2000BN DP-FP-2500BN
Welding width Max.1200mm Max.2000mm Max.2500mm
Wire diameter 3-6mm
Longitude wire space 50-300mm
Cross wire space Min.25mm
Mesh length Max.50m
Welding speed 50-75 times/min
Longitude wire feeding Automatically from coil
Cross wire feeding Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Welding electrodes Max.25pcs Max.41pcs Max.48pcs
Welding transformers 125kva*3pcs 125kva*5pcs 125kva*6pcs
Machine size 6.9*2.1*1.8m 6.9*2.9*1.8m 6.9*3.4*1.8m
Weight 3.8T 5.8T 6.5T

  Youtube Video   

Please click below the video link to inspect Roll Mesh Welding Machine.

  Machine Advantage   

  • Panasonic, Schneider, ABB, SMC, Igus electric components.
  • Touch screen interface.
  • Line wire feeding from coil.
  • Cross wire pre-cut.
  • PLC control of cross wire space and welding current.
  • Panasonic servo technology for mesh pulling.
  • Water-cooling welding transformers.
  • Brake motor&clutch reducer connect the principal axis directly.
  • Finished mesh in panel or rolls.
  • Roll mesh welding machine.

  Auxiliary Equipment    

Roll mesh welding line consists of below five parts to make perfect welded mesh in coil.


  The Function of the Product   

Welded wire mesh roll machine use to make road mesh, reinforcing mesh, construction mesh etc.


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