Razor barbed wire mesh welding machine sold to South Africa

Razor barbed wire mesh welding machine also called razor wire fence welding machine, concertina razor mesh welding machine, fence welding machine which is very popular in South Africa.
This machine is controlled by PLC+ Touch screen, very easy to operate. Also have some auxiliary machines like mesh cutting machine, razor wire straightening and cutting machine, mesh rolling machine. The raw material of this machine is razor barbed wire, have higher security.

Our machine should be put on the sending bracket manually, then move to the welding part, we also have full automatic type razor barbed wire mesh welding machine, you can choose machine as your requirements.

Razor barbed wire fence is a new type of protective net product developed in recent years with strong protection and barrier ability. The sharp knife shape is both beautiful and chilling. Played a good deterrent effect. At the same time, the product has the advantages of beautiful appearance, good anti-blocking effect and convenient construction.

Welded razor wire mesh use: Welded razor blade razor wire has been widely used in military areas, prisons, government agencies, banks, and living quarter walls, private residences, villa walls, doors and windows, highways, railway guardrails, and border lines. Used to protect security.

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