PVC Coated Wire Making Machine

  Description of PVC coated wire making machine   

Plastic PVC coated wire making machine is equipped with an inverter type motor. This motor is frequency adjustable and can save energy. PVC coat wire machine can extrude raw material such as PVC or PE. PVC wire making machine is made up of Extrusion, traction part, wire rolling part, straightening part, stainless water cooling flume and automatic temperature control cabinet.

  Technical Data   

Diameter of Screw 65mm
Screw rate 25:1
Screw rotation speed 80 r/m
Max.Extrusion 70kg per hour
Inverter Inverter (18.5Kw)
Motor capacity 15kw
Height of center 820mm
Extrusion overall size 2400X820X900mm
Weight 1600Kg

  Related Video   

Here below is PVC coated wire making machine.

  Machine Advantage   

  • Raw material: PVC or PE.
  • Inverter Control, more precise and flexible.
  • Plastic extruding speed up to 70KGS/h.
  • Spools for wire feeding, High production.
  • Central temperature control, perfect finished product.
  • PVC coated wire making machine.

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