Pneumatic type anti-climb fence mesh machine sold to Qatar

The Pneumatic type anti-climb fence mesh machine sold to Qatar was used to make clearvu fence, this machine used European welding technology and Foreign brand equipment, and the welding speed max up 120 times/min.

Qatari customers have their own factories, main to product chain link fence panel, Due to local environmental factors, in order to prevent people from climbing and burglarizing, there is an increasing demand for safety guardrails in the market. This type of anti-crawling net cannot climb due to its narrow and dense mesh. It is very safe and very beautiful. Research has found that this type of security fence is very popular.

The customer ordered one set 358 fence machine, when the machine is ready, we will install and debug it to the specifications the customer wants, run the machine for welding and anti-crawling, record a video and send it to the customer to watch, the machine is fast and the welding is firm, The grid is flat and the customer is very satisfied.


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