High-Speed Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

  Description of High-Speed Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine   

High Speed wire straightening and cutting machine adopts PLC control system to keep high production. Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine produces straightened low carbon iron wire, galvanized wire,black wire. Finished wire is extensively used for industrial, civil fields including: welded wire mesh, goods rack, cable tray, etc.

  Technical Data   

 Model  GZ2.5-6  GZ3-8
 Wire diameter  2.5-6 mm  Cold rolled round bar/ ribbed bar 3-8mm.
Hot rolled round bar 5-8mm.
Hot rolled ribbed bar 5-6mm
 Cut length  500-6000 mm  700-6000 mm
 Cut error  ±1mm  ±1 mm
 Speed  90-120 m/min  Max.120 m/min
 Straightening motor  7.5 kw Frequency
adjust motor
 13 kw
 Cutting motor  1.5 kw, servo motor  Servo motor
 Overall Dimension  9×0.6×1.2m  15×0.8×1.1m
 Weight  2500Kgs  3500 Kgs

  Youtube Video   

Here you can know more about High-Speed Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine.

  Machine Advantage  

  • 1. Consist of tray bar rack, straightening rack, tractor cutting, base support, motor facility and electrical box.
  • 2. Steel cover for safety operation
  • 3. (Taiwan) Delta PLC + Touch screen control, easy to operate, straightening cutting precisely.
  • 4. Heavy duty spool and traction system guide frame to help fast and continuous feeding.
  • 5. Pneumatic roller to adjust press roller automatically.
  • 6. Shuttle-shape straightening frame for high speed straightening effect.
  • 7. Integrated cutting system keep high production speed.
  • 8. Special designed straightening rack with channels for different wire diameter.
  • 9. Special holder for short length wire, operation friendly.
  • 10. Chinese famous brand motor, copper leads inside, not easy to burn out, long life.

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