High Speed Straight Wire Drawing Machine

  Description of  Straight Wire Drawing Machine  

High Speed Straight Wire Drawing Machine: High quality, fast speed, and diverse production specifications. The drum and cooling system ensure a service life of no less than 22,000 hours/three years, with corrosion-resistant coating and narrow gap water cooling. The sturdy frame requires no additional foundation, while the transmission system offers smooth operation and the electrical control utilizes advanced technology for safety and reliability, including emergency stop switches.

  Technical Data   

 Model  GT2-3.5H  GT2-4 GT3-8H GT4-12H GT6-12H
 Wire diameter  2-3.5 mm  2-4mm 3-8mm 4-12mm wire rod 4-10mm rebar 6-12mm wire rod 6-10mm rbbar
 Cutting length  300-2500/3000 mm  100-1200mm 100-6000/12000mm 280-1200mm 280/600-12000mm
 Speed  Max.60-80m/min Max.100m/min Max.120m/min Max.45m/min Max.70-130m/min
 Cut error ±1 mm ±0.5 mm ±1 mm ±5 mm ±5 mm
 Straightening motor  4  1.5 15 11 37
 Cutting motor   —  1.5kw 3kw 4kw 7.5kw

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  Machine Advantage  

1. Equipped with an air outlet to effectively reduce the drum temperature
2. Cable trough design for easy installation
3. Equipped with multiple refueling holes, convenient and fast
4. Equipped with lighting equipment
5. The paint is smooth and bright, beautiful and elegant

High Speed Straight Wire Drawing Machine

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