High Speed Expended Metal Mesh Machine

  Description of Expanded Metal Mesh Machine   

Sheets or coils or metal are fed into the expanding machine. A little metal can create a lot of mesh, adding value and saving resources and money.Each machine is fitted with a unique “Knife”, dedicated to a particular pattern. New patterns and knives can be created in-house for specific applications.Our machines come in various models, including DP 25-TG10, DP 25-25 T, DP25-40T, DP25-100T, DP25-160T, and DP25-260T. Each of these models is capable of manufacturing meshes with different specifications to cater to diverse application scenarios.

  Technical Data   

Model DP25-TG10 DP25-25T DP25-40T DP25-100T DP25-160T DP25-260T
Punch speed 500R/m 260R/m 110R/m 65R/m 60R/m 45R/m
LWD Max 12mm 30mm 80mm 180mm 240mm 200mm
Thick 0.1-1.0mm 0.2-1.5mm 0.5-2.5mm 0.5-5mm 0.5-6mm 1-10mm
Width Max 650mm 1250mm 1500mm 2000mm 2000mm 2000mm
Feeding distance 0-6mm 0-5mm 0-10mm 0-10mm 0-10mm 0-10mm
Motor 7.5kw/1000rpm 5.5kw/1440rpm 11kw/1400rpm 18.5kw/1470rpm 30kw/1470rpm 55kw/1470rpm
Weigh 1.5T 3.3T 6T 13T 16T 26T
L*W*H 1750*740*1250mm 1350*2250*1930mm 1830*3100*2030mm 3300*3700*2500mm 3550*3800*2650mm 3700*4400*2700mm

  Youtube Video   

Here you can know more about Expanded Metal Mesh Machine.

  Machine Advantage  

Efficient production and significantly increased production capacity.
Stable structure and strong durability.
Precision control, stable and reliable quality.
Easy to operate and save labor costs.
Energy saving and environmental protection, in line with green production.
Highly adaptable and versatile.

  Finished Product   

Small Automatic Steel Mesh Machine

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