We should pay attention to which points while choosing an expanded metal mesh making machine?
1.Firstly the machine material and processing technic will decide the machine service life. The bad machine uses iron cast, processing technic is simple and by a short time. Good machines uses 45# steel and pass by welding , heating treatment, slot blasting, etc before assembling.
2. Good production speed will bring big productivity and lower production cost.
3. Expanded metal mesh machine suppliers must have good after-sales service and credit to guarantee smooth production.

160T expanded metal mesh punch machine.

1. Machine description:
Expanded metal mesh machine, also called extended metal machine, metal mesh making machine or punch machine, is used to make expanded metal mesh or diamond mesh for construction fence, decoration mesh,
protection mesh, industrial sieving, step platform, etc.

2. Technical Data:
Mesh thickness:0.5-6mm; Mesh width: 2m/2.5m/3.2m;
Speed: 50strokes/min. Mesh size of LWD: Max. 200mm;
Feeding distance: 0-15mm. Motor: 30KW;

3. Machine Advantages:
▲ Famous brand components from Schneider, Siemens, etc.
▲ PLC controller + Text Screen, easy operation.
▲ Pneumatic clutch + Servo motor.
▲ 50 strokes/min, high production
▲ Alloy cutter, long life service.
▲ Cast steel base and unit, shock-resistance and working smooth.
▲ Steel cover for safe operation.

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