High Speed Chain Link Fence Machine

 Description of Chain Link Fence Machine  

Double motor chain link fence machines, also known as spiral mesh machines, diamond mesh machines or cyclone mesh machines, are efficient and advanced weaving machines. It adopts a dual-motor drive system, which significantly improves the weaving speed and production efficiency, and can produce up to 260 square meters of mesh per hour. Its stable dual-motor design ensures the reliability of machine operation, reduces breakdowns and extends service life.

  Technical Data   

Model  DP 25-100 DP20-100D(double motor) DP 20-100S(single wire)
Wire diameter 1.8-4.0mm 1.5-4.5mm 1.5-4.5mm
Mesh opening 25-100mm 20-100mm  20-100mm
Mesh Width MAX.3M/4M Max. 3M/4M( can design 6M width if you want ) Max. 3M/4M( can design 6M width if you want )
Mesh length Max. 30M,adjustable Max. 30M,adjustable  Max. 30M,adjustable
Capacity 120-180 square meters per hour 80-260 square meters per hour 70-100 square meters per hour
Raw material Galvanized wire or PVC coated wire Galvanized wire or PVC coated wire Galvanized wire or PVC coated wire
Serve motor 5.5KW 2pcs 4.5KW 4.5KW
Weight 3900/4200KGS 3200/3500KGS 2200/2500KGS

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 Electic System   

PLC from Japan Mitsubishi.
Low voltage electronics from French Schneider.
Servo motor from Taiwan Delta.

  Machine Advantage   

Fully automatic operation: reduce labor and improve efficiency.
Intuitive controls: Simple to understand and easy to operate.
Equipped with cutting fluid: ensure precise cutting of mesh.
Mesh Protection: Prevents damage during weaving.
Machine safety: multiple protections to extend life.
High efficiency and energy saving: low energy consumption, high output.
Various specifications: adapt to different needs.
Easy maintenance: compact structure and easy to clean.
Stable and reliable: worry-free operation for a long time.
Wide application: meet the needs of many industries.


  The function of the product  

Chain link fence is extensively used for fence in the playground, residence, power station, airport, mining spot, etc.

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