Reverse Twisted Hexagonal Wire Mesh Netting Machine

 Description of Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine   

Reverse twisted hexagonal wire mesh machine, also called chicken cage machine, double twisted hexagonal mesh machine, is used to make hexagonal mesh for fences of farmland and grazing land, chicken husbandry, reinforced ribs of building walls and other nets for separation. CNC hexagonal mesh machine adopts Servo motor to feed wire, weaving mesh, taking up rolls. Our chicken cage mesh machine can work fast up to 700 square meter per hour.

  Technical Data   

Model DP-CSR
Wire diameter 0.4-2.2mm
Mesh opening size 1/2″,3/4″,1″,2″,3″ (can be designed as you want)

Note: one set machine can only make one mesh opening size

Mesh width 2.6M,3.3M,4M,4.3M,4.7M (can be designed as you want)

Note: can weave 2-4 rolls mesh at the same time

Weaving speed 1/2″ opening,60-65M/hour*Roll number

3/4″opening,75-80M/hour*Roll number

1″opening,95-100M/hour*Roll number

2″opening,150-160M/hour*Roll number

3″opening,180M/hour*Roll number

Servo motor capacity 2.3kw thron+2.3kw dislocation+2.3kw board+4.4kw brace
Raw material Galvanized wire or pvc coated wire

  Youtube Video   

Here below is Straight and Reverse Twisted Hexagonal Mesh Machine:

  Machine Advantage   

  • PLC+ Touch Screen Control, one worker to operate.
  • Servo motor driving, high speed 60-220meters/h, working smooth, low noise.
  • Technicians have more than 15-years experience on machine design.
  • Instruction book and layout drawing available.
  • Double twisted hexagonal mesh machine.

  The function of the product   


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