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Hexagonal wire netting machine

Hexagonal wire mesh is widely used in fences of farmland and grazing land, chicken husbandry, reinforced ribs of building walls and other nets for separation.


  Machine Description   

Hexagonal wire mesh netting machine, also called chicken cage wire mesh machine,  is automatically feeding wire, weaving mesh, taking up rolls and higher speed than similar machinery. Hexagonal wire mesh is mainly used for chicken feeding, graze protection, industrial filtering, decoration usage, etc.

  Machine Advantage   

  • Two workers required and simple structure, easy to operate.
  • High efficiency, 45-50meters/h.
  • Technicians have more than 15-years experience on machine design.
  • Instruction book and layout drawing available.

  Technical Data   

Normal twisted hexagonal wire mesh machine

Speed Mesh Width Mesh size Wire Diameter Number of twists Weight Motor


1200mm-3200 mm 12 mm 0.38-0.5mm 3 2-2.5T 2.2KW
15 0.40-0.70
18 0.38-0.70
20-22 0.38-0.80
25-27 0.50-1.00
30-32 0.50-1.00
40-44 0.40-1.30
50 0.50-1.50
75 0.50-1.65
100 0.50-1.80

 Straight and reverse hexagonal wire netting machine

Speed Width(mm) Mesh  size Wire Diameter Number of Twists Weight Motor
60-160 m/h 2600mm-3300mm 20-22mm 0.52-0.7mm 6 3.5-4.5T 2.2kw
25-27 0.50-1.00
30-32 0.50-1.20
40-45 0.60-1.40
50-55 0.60-1.50
75-80 1.00-1.50

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