Fully Automatic Hexagonal Wire Mesh Machine

  Description of  hexagonal wire mesh making machine:  

Hexagonal mesh machine, also named chicken mesh machine, is the special equipment to produce the hexagonal wire netting mesh.Our patented gray sheet metal series features a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design, coupled with a robust construction that guarantees high-speed, high-quality production. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including China’s best PIC and display touch screen, Schneider low-voltage electrical appliances, and air switches designed to automatically halt operations in the event of wire breakage or other potential hazards. This ensures not only exceptional performance but also prioritizes safety within industrial settings.

  Technical Data:  

Model DP-CSR
Wire diameter 0.4-2.2mm
Mesh opening size 1/2″,3/4″,1″,2″,3″ (can be designed as you want)

Note: one set machine can only make one mesh opening size

Mesh width 2.6M,3.3M,4M,4.3M,4.7M (can be designed as you want)

Note: can weave 2-4 rolls mesh at the same time

Weaving speed 1/2″ opening,60-65M/hour*Roll number

3/4″opening,75-80M/hour*Roll number

1″opening,95-100M/hour*Roll number

2″opening,150-160M/hour*Roll number

3″opening,180M/hour*Roll number

Servo motor capacity 2.3kw thron+2.3kw dislocation+2.3kw board+4.4kw brace
Raw material Galvanized wire or pvc coated wire

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  Machine Advantage:  

Patented gray sheet metal technology, pioneering in its field.

Aesthetically pleasing and elegant design, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the workspace.

User-friendly interface, intuitive and effortless to operate.

Seamless interaction, providing an impeccable user experience.

Fault-detection mechanism halts operation upon malfunction, safeguarding equipment integrity.

Robust safety features guarantee trouble-free production.

Efficient high-speed operation, elevating production rates.

Flexible adaptability to cater to the production of various mesh sheet specifications.

  The function of the product:  

Commonly used for raising livestock (chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits), zoo fencing, mechanical equipment protection, highway guardrails, sports fences, and road protection nets. Also widely applicable in petroleum, chemical, breeding, gardening, and food processing industries.

Automatic Hexagonal Mesh Machine

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