Fully automatic Expanded metal mesh machine line

Expanded metal mesh machine, According to different parameters of mesh need different machines. (parameters like wire diameter, mesh size, mesh width). One set of mold just can make one kind of mesh size, so if you want to make different mesh sizes, you need to buy more sets of molds.

Different specifications of meshes have different uses. Thinner raw material, smaller mesh size, narrower mesh uses the smaller machine. Can make air conditioner filter mesh, mechanical equipment protection mesh, and so on. Widely used in family, agriculture, construction, medicine, filtration, protection, insect control, handicraft manufacturing, etc. Heavy-duty expanded metal mesh machines can punch thicker raw material, make bigger mesh sizes and wider mesh. It can be used for working platforms, escalators and aisles of trucks stepping on the net, heavy machinery, and equipment, heating furnaces, oil coal mines, electric locomotives, etc. It can also be used in the construction industry, roads, highway bridges, and railway lines for building steel bars. It is mainly used for civil engineering batch concrete, machinery equipment, mechanical equipment maintenance, art production and manufacturing, and sound dustproof cover. Fences, fences, sports venues, street greening safety nets.

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