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Fully automatic chain link fence machine

Chain link fence or diamond mesh is used as fences for playground and gardens, super highway, railway, airport, port, residence and so on.


  Machine Description   

Chain link fence making machine, also called diamond mesh machine , spiral fence machine, cyclone fence machine, orthorhombic machine. Our fully automatic chain link fence machine is higher speed than the similar machinery. This chain link fence machine is running smooth and reliable performance, the product is flat.

 Electic System   

  • Japan Mitsubishi PLC origin
  • low voltage electrical from French Schneider
  • Electric machinery from Taiwan Teco Electric
  • Servo motor from Delta

  Machine Advantage   

  • Touch screen and Mitsubishi PLC control system.
  • Delta Servo motor and Planetary gear box.
  • Single mold for double spirals.
  • Additional Alarm and Emergency Button for convenient operation.
  • Knuckled and twisted mesh sides for option.
  • Roll the mesh automatically.

  Technical Data   

Model DP 25-80 DP 20-100
Wire diameter 2-4mm 2-4mm
Mesh size 25-80mm 20-100mm
Mesh Width 0.5-4M 0.5-4M
Mesh length Min. 30M Min. 30M
Speed 120-180 square meters per hour 70-80 square meters per hour
Raw material Galvanized wire, PVC coated wire,etc
Mesh side Knuckled and twisted,  both knuckled, both twisted
Motor 9.25kw 6kw
Auto mesh roller Yes Yes
Alarm device Yes No
Emergency button Yes No
Machine Life More than 12 years More than 10 years
size 6700mm*1430mm*1800mm
Weight 4.2T 2T

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