The JIAKE factory in China is the best manufacturer of fence mesh machines. We have 28 years of production experience, 25 professional mechanical engineers, 8 production lines, and more than 200 employees. Through our continuous efforts and innovation, our fence mesh welding machine is constantly updated. At present, there are mainly three types of fence mesh welding machines: ordinary 3D fence mesh welding machine, pneumatic 3D fence mesh welding machine, automatic bending fence mesh welding machine, and 358 anti-climbing mesh welding machine.

First of all, we need to know about JIAKE’s ordinary mechanical 3D fence mesh welding machine.

main feature:
1. The warp and weft are adjusted to cut the feed.

2. PLC control, touch screen to set parameters, simple operation.

3. Only two people are required to operate the complete production line, and the fastest welding speed can reach 120times/min.

4. The net pulling device, Panasonic servo motor pulling the net, is more accurate and stable than the stepping motor pulling net.

5. Weft wire hopper, stepping motor controls the weft wire hopper, automatic blanking.

6. SMC cylinder controls the weft wire hopper and automatically blanks the material.

7. The main body of the helical gear reducer is integrated and directly connected with the main shaft. Low noise, easy maintenance, low failure rate.

8. Brand configuration: Panasonic servo PLC, motor and driver, Schneider contactor, Delta inverter, Weilun touch screen, etc.

9. Touch screen input parameters, one-key switch, display faults, convenient maintenance.

10. Epoxy resin integrated water-cooled transformer.

General configuration of fence welding machine: water cooling device, air pump, straightening and cutting machine, bending machine

Product application: anti-climbing nets, three-bend fence mesh, double-circle fence mesh, bilateral wire fence mesh, frame fence, community fence mesh, highway fence, airport fence, railway fence, factory isolation fence, etc.

The next article mainly explains the working characteristics of the pneumatic 3D fence production line. If you want more information, please contact us.