Full Auto CS-A Barbed Wire Machine

The fully automated CS-A barbed wire machine is an innovative device that leverages the latest technology to enhance safety and efficiency in the manufacturing process. This state-of-the-art machinery incorporates intelligent systems that not only guarantee operators’ utmost safety but also significantly boost production rates and efficiencies for manufacturers specializing in barbed wire. Its automated features allow for consistent and accurate production while reducing the potential for human error, ensuring the highest quality barbed wire is produced efficiently and safely.

  Technical Data   

Model CS-A CS-B CS-C
Main wire diameter 1.5-3.0mm 2.0-3.0mm 1.6-2.8mm
Barbed wire diameter 1.6-2.8mm 1.6-2.8mm 1.6-2.2mm
Barbed space 3”, 4”, 5” 4”, 5” 4”, 5”
Twisted number 3-5 7
Motor 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw
Raw material Galvanized wire or PVC coated wire. Galvanized wire Galvanized wire
Production 70kg/h, 25m/min 40kg/h, 18m/min 50kg/h,18m/min
Total weight 1050KG 1000KG 1050KG
Packing size 5.9CBM 5.8CBM 5.9CBM

  Youtube Video   

Applicable scenarios for barbed wire

🔵 Military: Barbed wire for perimeter security.

🔵 Communication: Fences secure towers from vandalism.

🔵 Power: Barbed wire keeps grids safe and reliable.

🔵 Border: Mark boundaries with barbed wire.

🔵 Landfill: Fence off waste areas for environmental safety.

🔵 Community: Fences around schools and parks for safety.

🔵 Schools/Factories: Barbed wire perimeter for security.

🔵 Farms: Fencing solutions for crops and livestock.