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Fixed knot fence machine

Fixed knot fence is extensively used in feeding deer, husbandry, mountain isolation ,etc.


  Machine Description   

Fixed knot fence machine, also called Fixed knot machine or deer fence machine, is used to produce fixed knot fence for livestock husbandry, grassland protection and other isolation usage. Fixed knot fence machine adopts Panasonic control panel, easy operation.

  Machine Advantage   

  • Automatic device for stopping machine.
  • Panasonic PLC controller–High-degree automation; Easy and safe operation
  • Sophisticated PLC control and manufacturing technique to ensure machine smooth-running.
  • Speed-adjustable motor and servo motor to save energy and increase capacity.
  • Flattening pole to make smooth surface of finished products.
  • Products with diverse specification.
  • Protection mesh cover to ensure safety.

  Technical Data   

Model ZC-1500 ZC-2100 ZC-2440 ZC-2800
Max. weaving width 1.524M 2.082M 2.438M 2.8M
Max. number of line wire 16 18 20 24
Line / weft wire diameter 2.4mm-2.6mm
Twisted wire diameter 2.0mm-2.24mm
Line opening 76mm(3”) + N*12.5mm(1/2”);  “N” can be 1, 2, 3, 4……
Weft opening 75mm(3”), 150mm(6”), 300mm(12”), 450mm(18″)
Length of fence each roll 200m(660ft)
Power system Speed adjustable motor and Servo motor (MIGE ISO9001-2008)
Voltage As your request.
Control system PANASONIC PLC  ( Direct voltage 24V)
Weight 8000kg 8700kg 9500kg 10100KGS

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