Fence Mesh Bending Machine

  Machine Description of Fence Mesh Bending Machine   

Fence mesh bending machine is used for bend mesh curve of welded wire mesh. It used to be auxiliary equipments for fence mesh welding machine.

  Technical Data   

Pressure 100T Nominal pressure 800KN
Length of work board 3200mm Width of work board 450mm
Motor power 7.5kw Speed 1440r/min
Oil pump pressure 20 APM Output volume 25litre/r
Max. working pressure 25GMP Overall dimensions 3340*1000*2300mm

  Youtube Video   

Here you can know more about Brick Force Mesh Welding Machine.

Machine Advantage   

  • Full steel welding structure with sufficient strength and rigidty.
  • Electrical control, safe and reliable. Easy operate and Convenient maintenance.



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