Our engineers installed the pulley wire drawing machine and trunk take up machine successfully last week.

Pulley wire drawing machine is used for drawing metal wires made of low carbon steel wire. Wire pulling machine is made up of main reducer gear box, mould case, guiding wheel frame and electrical inverter control system. Wire pulling machine is used for standard parts (e.g. welding rod, wire nail, screw, etc), lead, wire rope, spring etc.

The Pulley drawing machine is featured by:  1) Each pot has its own gear combination axis.  2) Inverter control, drawing speed is adjustable. 3) Drawing drum painted with Tungsten Carbide, service life is extended much longer.  4) Water cooling system to lower drum temperature.  5) Complete electrical system, perfect protection system and water seal cooling system. 6) Finished wire is widely used for standard parts (e.g. welding rod, wire nail, screw, etc), lead, wire rope, spring etc.

Trough the 10 days-commision service, the continuous wire drawing machine line work smoooth. Customers was satisfied with the machine working condition.

According to customers request, engineer will fly to Uganda factory to start-up the electric furnace and water tank drawing machine again in October. In this way, the wire drawing production line can draw 6.5mm into 1.5mm one time. And finished wire can be sold for profit back.

If you are interested in the continuous pulley/straight wire drawing machine, please feel free to contact me:

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