On the request of Zambia customer, our engineer went to install chicken cage mesh welding machine and train workers in Zambia.
As engineers indicated, this customer is still using a old-type bending machine. So,. Africa need more to upgrade poultry cage mesh welding machine.
We are honored to help our customer improve their Poultry Cage Welding Machine and occupy more market shares.

Importantly, our chicken cage welding machine is specially used to make breed aquatic mesh or poultry mesh for feeding coops, pigeon, rabbits and ect.
In addition, the finished welded mesh of this cage mesh welding machine is also used to goods shelf, shopping basket, window protection mesh, fence, or other civil use and construction use.

Our product catalgoue includdes:
Steel grating welding machine, Reinforcing mesh welding machine;
Fence mesh welding machine, Poultry cage mesh welding machine;
Electrical welded mesh machine, Pneumatic welding machine;
Wedge wire screen welding machine, Animal cage welding machine;
Chain link fence machine, Hexagonal wire mesh machine;
Field fence machine, Expanded metal mesh machine;
(Concertina razor) Barbed wire machine, Gabion machine, etc.

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