Electro forged grating welding machine

  Machine Description of Electro forged grating welding machine   

Electro forged grating welding machine, also called steel grating production line, steel grating forge welding machine, steel grating making machine, is use to make steel gratings for petroleum industry, chemical industry, quay, municipal administration, environmental protection, national defense, construction etc.

  Technical Data   

Model DP-1200G Welding frequency 1000Hz
(Serrated) flat bar range 2*19mm-10*100mm Cross bar range 5*5-8*8mm
Pitch of flat bar 20-60mm Pitch of cross bar 38-160mm
Grating width Max.1.2m Grating length Max.8m
Welding transformer 250kva*10pcs Needed power supply Min.630kva
Max pressure 160Ton Rated welding electric current 200KA
Welding times 8-9s/time Max. welding electric current 350KA
Overall size 32*3.8*4.8m Weight 13000kg

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  Machine Advantage   

Medium frequency (1000Hz) technology, electricity saving 30%-50%.

  • Schneider, ABB electric components.
  • PLC control & Touch screen interface.
  • Weld 2 bars one time, high production capacity.
  • Automatically feed cross bars.
  • Servo motor for pulling steel grating.
  • Specially designed mould for fixing the flat bars.
  • Weld two cross bars one time. The cross bars are fed automatically instead of manual.

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