Double wire fence welding machine

  Machine Description of Double Wire Fence Welding Machine   

Double Wire Fence Welding machine, also called Double Wire Fence Panel Machine, Double Wire Welding Machine, is used to make double wire fence for security. Double Wire Fence Panel Machine is featured by Touch screen control and servo motor mesh pulling. Double Wire Welding Machine is separate-control technology.

  Technical Data   

Model DP-FD-2500A DP-FD-3000A
Wire diameter 6+5+6mm 8+6+8mm 6+5+6mm 8+6+8mm
Welding width Max.2500mm Max.3000mm
Longitude wire space 150/200mm 200mm 150/200mm 200mm
Cross wire space Min.100mm
Welding speed 45-60 times/min
Longitude wire feeding Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Cross wire feeding Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Welding electrodes 16pcs/10pcs 10pcs 31pcs 16pcs
Machine size 14*2.9*2.1m 14*2.9*2.1m 14*3.4*2.1m 14*3.4*2.1m
Weight 5T 6T 6.2T 7.2T

  Youtube Video   

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  Machine Advantage   

  • PLC program, touch screen interface, easy to operate.
  • Pre-straightened&pre-cut wires.
  • Automatic wire pre-load system.
  • PLC control of cross wire space adjustment.
  • Servo motor technology for mesh pulling.
  • Separate welding transformers for upper electrodes&lower electrodes.
  • Pneumatic device to control welding electrodes.
  • Double wire fence welding machine.

  Finished Product  

Double wire fence mesh welding machine is used to make double wire welded fence mesh, road mesh, reinforcing mesh, shelf, explosion-proof wall etc.


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