Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Machine

  Description of Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Machine 

Razor barbed wire machine, also called Concertina razor barbed wire machine, Razor wire making machine, Razor wire fence machine, is used to make razor barbed wire. Concertina razor barbed wire machine including two parts. Punching machine produce razor tape; concertina razor tape profiling/ coiling line is used to coil razor tape on wire.

  Technical Data   

Press machine 63T High-speed Press machine 65T
Control system Text screen + PLC Touch screen + PLC control
Speed 220-280m/h.
70-140 strokes/min.
If BTO-22, max.16000m/h.
Raw material 25T suitable for Galvanized steel sheet;
40T or 63T suitable for stainless steel sheet.
Galvanized steel sheet; Or Stainless steel
Thickness 0.5±0.05mm 0.5±0.05mm
Motor 2.2kw/ 4kw/ 5kw 16kw
Voltage Customized as request Customized as request
Weight 2200/3300/ 4500Kgs 5500kgs
Dimension 1325×990×2140 mm 1525×1100×2200 mm
Razor wire assemble machine RW1 High-speed Razor wire assemble machine RW2
Control system Button control Touch screen + PLC control
Speed 800 kgs/ 8hours, 3000m/h 2000 kgs/ 8hours
Raw material Galvanized wire Galvanized wire
Thickness 2.5-3mm, 2.5mm is popular 2.5-3mm, 2.5mm is popular
Motor 1.5kw 3kw
Voltage Customized as request Customized as request
Weight 300kgs 500kgs
Dimension 1100*750*1200mm 1500*750*1700mm

  Youtube Video   

Here below is Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Machine:

  Machine Advantage   

  • Automatically complete production line, operator friendly and higher speed.
  • Automatic decoiler holding max. 2tons steel sheet; its motor made of copper leads.
  • Different ton punch press for choice to save your cost.
  • Customized mold saving 20% raw materials; hot-cast mold, one year life.
  • Slitting frame and recoiler to wind up razor tapes rolls tightly.
  • Electro-magnetic motor in coiling machine for smooth speed adjustable.
  • Multifunctional squeezing wheels for strong finished razor wire.
  • Concertina razor barbed wire machine.

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