Hexagonal wire mesh machines (gabion mesh machines) have been designed to make gabion mesh or heavy type hexagonal wire mesh of various widths and mesh sizes. The possible coatings are heavily galvanized and zinc. For high corrosion resistance, zinc and PVC, coated wire is available.

Hexagonal Wire Netting machine enables continuous production of hexagonal wire meshes with high speed. The complete production ling included the pay-off main machine and recoiling device with outstanding accuracy and productivity.

Machine features:
1. Raw material of the machine is galvanized wire or PVC coated wire.
2. The wire is feeding on spools automatically.
3. The tension device is used to make the wire more straighten so the wire can feed more easily and the mesh will be more flattened.
4. The wire will be twisted by twisted gear for hexagonal type.

Machine advantages:
1.It features are stable operation, low noise, automatic stopping for broken wire, broken net and preset length and warning, equal and order mesh, clip ribs at the optional location, centralized lubrication, easy operation, and maintenance, as well as tight and enduring.
2. Japan PLC+ Touch screen, easy operation.
3. It has the function of frequency control of motor speed according to different wire diameters.
4. It has a buffer function when speed increase or decreases in a very short time.
5. It can count output every day or every year.
6. It can save about 30% energy.
7. Servo transmission, running fast,shock-resistance, smooth running
8. Automatically wind up mesh into rolls.
9. Automatically central lubrication system to reduce machine damages.
10. It can weave 2-4 scopes of the net with the same machine.
11. Max. speed can be 65 mesh per minute, speed can be adjusted with different raw materials.
12. Smooth operation, low noise. It will give an alarm at broken wire, broken mesh, or at preset length.
13. Big width. It can weave double 1.25 m or single 2.5 m width.

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