China Factory Automatic Construction Wire Mesh Welding Machine price

Function features:

1.Main characters: cross wires are pre-straightening and cutting wires, line wires are coil wires. The machine can weld continuous wire mesh sheets and wire mesh rolls.

2.The equipment is easy to operate: the automatic operation button only needs to be operated once to complete the operation of a mesh production.

3.Unique funnel control scheme: if there is no wire in the funnel or the wire falling is abnormal, the equipment will suspend operation until the funnel is normal.

4.Welding pause function: the main motor suspends operation during the wire diameter welding, and continues to run after the welding is completed to ensure the quality of the inner welding.

5.Motor servo control: Equipped with Delta frequency converter to ensure the rapid response capability of the equipment.

6.Helical gear reducer: In order to ensure the high load operation of the equipment, helical gear reducers with large torque capacity are used, and they are all externally installed for easy maintenance.

7.Pull-net system: equipped with Panasonic servo motor + planetary reducer to ensure the stability of the system and the standardization of the product.

8.Automatic return to zero: After the equipment completes the product, the pulling net system automatically returns to zero.

9.Automatic startup: The machine equipped with the feeding function will automatically turn on the equipment after the feeding is completed.

10.Automatically pull out the mesh: After finishing the product, you can choose whether to pull out the mesh

11.Main functional structures: line wire straightening and locator device, cross wire store hopper, mechanical hauling wire mesh device, mesh size locator device.

12.Advantages: It’s compact in structure, easy to operate, and full functions. The machine mainly makes construction welded wire mesh.