Chicken Wire Netting Making Machine

  Description of  hexagonal wire mesh making machine:  

The Chicken Wire Netting Making Machine is a compact and efficient machine designed for the production of chicken wire netting. Its user-friendly interface and precision engineering allow operators of all skill levels to produce consistent, high-quality mesh with ease. The machine’s compact size saves on workspace, while its efficient operation minimizes production costs. Safety features ensure operator safety during production. Ideal for small-scale and large-scale production, this machine is a cost-effective solution for chicken wire netting needs.

  Technical Data:  

Model DP-CSR
Wire diameter 0.4-2.2mm
Mesh opening size 1/2″,3/4″,1″,2″,3″ (can be designed as you want)

Note: one set machine can only make one mesh opening size

Mesh width 2.6M,3.3M,4M,4.3M,4.7M (can be designed as you want)

Note: can weave 2-4 rolls mesh at the same time

Weaving speed 1/2″ opening,60-65M/hour*Roll number

3/4″opening,75-80M/hour*Roll number

1″opening,95-100M/hour*Roll number

2″opening,150-160M/hour*Roll number

3″opening,180M/hour*Roll number

Servo motor capacity 2.3kw thron+2.3kw dislocation+2.3kw board+4.4kw brace
Raw material Galvanized wire or pvc coated wire

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  Machine Advantage:  

Compact and efficient design
User-friendly operation
Consistent high-quality output
Precision engineering for accuracy
Cost-effective production
Advanced safety features
Easy maintenance and repair
Boosts production efficiency and profitability

  The function of the product:  

Feeding chicken, rabbit, duck, geese, fish and other poultry or small animals. Style can be fence and cage.

Chicken Wire Netting Making Machine

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