The model DP-FP-3000A+ Reinforced Mesh Welding Machine is heavy-duty equipment for welding steel mesh. Both the line wire and cross wire are fed from Pre-cut wire.,The line wires are sent by labor and fed automatically, the cross wires are added and fallen automatically from the hopper. The machine adopts a servo motor to pull the mesh repeatedly.


In the model DP-FP-3000A+ BRC Steel Rebar Mesh Welding Machine, the line wires are sent by labor and fed automatically when it welding and drawing, labors can prepare the wires, so it increases the production efficiency.

The cross wires adapt the device to add wires judge wires automatically, in this case, it saves much labor to add wires.

Both the welding electrodes and transformer are equipped with a water-cooling system to prolong life.

The most important advantage of the model DP-FP-3000A+, Concrete Reinforced Mesh Welding Machine adopts multi-force air cylinder, The multi-force air cylinder is a new type of cylinder recently researched in the mechanical parts industry. It is named because of its large output, which is several times that of other cylinders. Its multilayer piston structure is more suitable for indirect explosive force welding machines. With the most compact length dimension, multi-layer stacking, multiple pistons are stressed at the same time, and the output force of the cylinder is doubled. Moreover, the Bili cylinder is relatively simple to install. It has the same installation form as the standard pressurized cylinder, and the structure and dimensions are also roughly the same. The appearance of the multi-force air cylinder just meets people’s needs, which not only saves materials but also protects the environment. This is why the multi-force air cylinder is so popular.

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