JIAKE factory is the best manufacturer of chain link fence machines in China! We have a professional Mechanical Engineers team and a strong after-sales team. In the past 20 years, we have exported as many as 500 monofilament chain link fence machines to more than 50 countries including India, Thailand, Vietnam, Kenya, Canada, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

A few days ago, an Omani customer contacted me from Facebook and he needed to buy a diamond-shaped net machine. The Omani customer has his own factory, which specializes in the production of various wire meshes. The semi-automatic chain link fencing machine used before can no longer keep up with production. The progress required a new machine, but due to budget reasons, the customer chose a cheap monofilament chain link fence machine. Compared with the double wire chain link fence machine, the price of the monofilament cyclone net machine is cheaper, weaving speed max up to 80m/h. The output is far inferior to the double wire spiral net machine. It is recommended that customers purchase two monofilament net machines, regardless of the output.

Having said that, let’s break down the difference between single wire and double wire?

1. Double wire chain link fence machine production line: 2 wire reels, 2 wire feeders, 2 molds, knitting host + 2 screen edge processing devices and automatic net rolling machine; single wire chain link fence machine production line: 1 wire reel, 1 wire feeder, knitting main machine + 1 seaming device and automatic net rolling machine.

2. The raw materials of the two machines are low carbon wire, such as galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, and plastic coated wire.

3. The wire feeding method is different: the double wire chain link fence machine feeds two wires at the same time and winds them through a mold to form a diamond-shaped net. The monofilament chain link fence machine only feeds one wire and winds it through a mold to form a diamond-shaped net.

4. Mold material is alloy, durable and long life.

5. Three type Mesh side: Knuckled and twisted, both knuckled, both twisted.

6. Weaving Speed: double wire type chain link making machine weaving speed 120-180 square meters per hour, and single wire type chain link making machine weaving speed 70-80 square meters per hour.

7.Both types of machines have alarm devices and automatic parking devices to prevent machine errors.

Our machine has more advantages, If you want to learn more information about the chain link fence machine, please contact us now!

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