Working from home, our focus has been placed on the basic tasks of the platform, including: Alibaba International Station and official website sorting.
For the Alibaba International Station, we started with the chicken cages welded wire mesh panel machine, sorted out and collected keywords at different times, and some major keywords, and fully optimized the chicken layer cage welding machine.
Our chicken cage mesh welding machine is my superior product. After continuous improvement, it is now the fifth generation of pneumatic high-speed and high-yield automatic mesh welding machine. The machine adopts high-quality steel frame structure, which is strong and durable. The latest model of welding machine adopts pneumatic welding, and each welding head is connected by SMC cylinder, which has fast speed and firm welding points. The fastest speed can reach 150 times per minute, and the daily use speed remains at 130 times per minute.
The welding machine is suitable for 2-4mm coils of different materials, and the welding width is customized according to customer requirements. Commonly used are 1.2m, 1.5m, and 1.6m. The distance between warp holes is between 50-200mm, and the minimum distance between weft holes is 25mm. We can customize different hole distances, such as 25*25mm. The footprint of the fully automatic chicken layer cage welding machine is about 12m*5m. For the voltage of different countries, we customize different motors or supporting special transformers.
The latest model of our company’s animal cage welding machine provides 20% service life and an efficiency increase of 60% compared to the original mechanical welding machine. The main reason is the use of pneumatic welding and electrical accessories to upgrade the use of world-renowned brand electrical components. Including Panasonic PLC and servo motors, vinylon touch screens, Schneider’s low-voltage electrical devices and so on.
For our new pneumatic stainless steel poultry cage making machine, there are many advantages that I haven’t written about. Welcome to contact us for detailed technical details. Although working from home, it does not affect our communication. Looking forward to our future cooperation.

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