Automatic Fence Mesh Welding Machine

  Machine Description of Automatic Fence Mesh Welding Machine   

Automatic fence mesh welding machine is also called fence mesh machine, fence panel machine, fence mesh welding line, or security fence machine. Automatic fence mesh welding machine is used to make reinforcing mesh, road mesh, fence mesh etc.

  Technical Data   

Model DP-FP-2500AN
Wire diameter 3-6mm
Longitude wire space 50-300mm
Cross wire space Min.25mm/12.5mm
Mesh width Max.2.5m
Mesh length Max.3m
Welding electrodes 48pcs
Rated electrical power 125kva*6pcs
Longitude wire feeding Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Cross wire feeding Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Overall Size 12*3.1*2.5m
Weight 12T

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Machine Advantage   

  • International electrical systems from Panasonic, Schneider, ABB, SMC, Igus.
  • PLC + Touch screen control.
  • Line wire & cross wire pre-straightened and pre-cut.
  • New hopper for one ton wire, faster speed.
  • Pneumatic line wire feeding channel for much wire feeding, save labor.
  • Panasonic servo technology for mesh pulling , more precise cross wire space.
  • Automatic mesh conveying and automatic bending.
  • Automatic mesh falling down.

  Finished Product   


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