Automatic construction roll mesh welding machine sold to Saudi Arabia

construction roll mesh welding machine, also called automatic welded mesh machine, welded wire mesh roll machine, roll mesh welding machine, coil mesh welding machine.

3-6mm wire mesh welding machine, can make both mesh panel and mesh rolls;
wire diameter: 3-6mm/ 2.5-6mm
mesh hole size: 50-300mm (can be adjustable)
mesh width: 2500mm
line wire feeding form coils automatically
crosswire be pre-straightening& cutting

Advantage of the machine:
●Welding electrodes are made of pure copper (upper Φ20*120mm, lower 20*20*20mm), durable.
●The main motor (5.5kw)& Helical gear reducer connects the main axis directly, big transmission torque.
●Cast water-cooling transformers, high efficiency. Welding degree is adjusted by PLC.
●SMC (Japan) air cylinders, machine working more stable.
●Panasonic (Japan) servo motor& planetary reducer for pulling mesh, more precise.
●Cable carrier, very good quality, not hanging down.

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