Automatic breeding cage welding machine DP-AW-1200H will be shipped to Uganda

1. Machine Description

Automatic breeding cage welding machine also called poultry cage welding machine, chicken cage mesh welding machine, is used to make breed aquatic mesh, poultry mesh, coop, pigeon mesh, rabbit mesh, and so on.

2. Machine Advantage

● Panasonic, Schneider, ABB, SMC electric components.

● Touch screen interface.

● Line wire&cross wire feeding from the coil.

● PLC control of cross wire space and welding current.

● Panasonic servo technology for mesh pulling.

● Water-cooling welding transformers.

● Pneumatic electrodes, working faster and adjustable pressure, flat mesh panel.

● Automatic edge cutting.

● Automatic cutting mesh.

3. Technical Parameter: Model: DP-AW-1200H;

Wire diameter: 2-4mm;

Speed: Max. 128times/min;

Width: Max. 1200mm or 1500mm.

Crosswire space: Min. 20mm or smaller;

Longitude wire space: 50-200mm and two 25mm.

Cross wire feeding: Pre-straightened & pre-cut;

Longitude wire feeding: Automatically from coil;

Welding electrodes: 25pcs/31pcs;

Welding transformer: 85kva*3/4pcs;

Machine size: 5.4*2.4*1.8m;

Machine Weight: 2.5/2.8T.

4. If you want to learn more information about this machine, please contact us!