Automatic Barbed Wire Machine

The CS-B automatic barbed wire machine stands out in the market for its easy operation, friendly interface and efficient performance. Equipped with a take-up disc to ensure smooth work flow; its safe and reliable features allow both new and experienced operators to use it with peace of mind, greatly improving production efficiency. CS-B is not only a powerful assistant for the production line, but also a powerful partner for enterprises to achieve productivity leaps.

Model CS-A CS-B CS-C
Main wire diameter 1.5-3.0mm 2.0-3.0mm 1.6-2.8mm
Barbed wire diameter 1.6-2.8mm 1.6-2.8mm 1.6-2.2mm
Barbed space 3”, 4”, 5” 4”, 5” 4”, 5”
Twisted number 3-5 7
Motor 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw
Raw material Galvanized wire or PVC coated wire. Galvanized wire Galvanized wire
Production 70kg/h, 25m/min 40kg/h, 18m/min 50kg/h,18m/min
Total weight 1050KG 1000KG 1050KG
Packing size 5.9CBM 5.8CBM 5.9CBM

Below is our practical demonstration video

Next is the application scenario of barbed wire

Barbed wire has been widely used in many fields due to its strong protective performance and simple installation method:
military installation
Communication base station
Distribution station
border line
community protection
school, factory
Farms and other safe isolation places