Automatic 3D Fence Panel Welding Machine

  Description of  3D Fence Panel Welding Machine

High quality Pneumatic type fence panel mesh welding machines adopt advanced European design which are used to make fence panels. The maximum welding speed reaches 80-120 times per minute.Compared with the welding speed(6 times per minute) of mechanical type mesh wedling machine the pneumatic type largely increases the productivity.

  Technical Data   

Model DP-FM-2500A DP-FM-2500A+
Line wire dia(Pre-cut) 3-8mm
Corss wire dia(Pre-cut) 3-8mm
Line wire space 3-5mm  50-300mm

5-8mm  100-300mm

3-6mm  50-300mm

6-8mm  100-300mm

Cross wire space 12.5-300mm
Max.mesh width(Fence height) 2500mm
Max.mesh length(Fence width) 6m
Max.welding speed 120times/min
Welding electrodes 26pcs for 51 points 51pcs
Air cylinder 26pcs 51pcs
Welding transformer 150kva*7pcs 150kva*9pcs
Weight 6.8T 7.3T

  Youtube Video   

Here you can know more about 3D Fence Panel Welding Machine.

  Machine Advantage  

1. European design, pneumatic technology, welding capacity max. 120 strokes per minute
2. Air cylinder make every welding point pressure the same, mesh panel more flat.
3. Line wire feeding device can insert wire at the same time of mesh welding, higher production.
4.Panasonic motor+PLC control mesh pulling, mesh opening are precise.
5. Water cooling welding electrodes and transformer, longer service life

High Speed 3D Fence Panel Welding Machine

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