Automatic Anti Climb Fence Welding Machine

  Description of Anti-Climb Fence Panel Machine   

Experience precision with our anti-crawl welding machines. Equipped with top-of-the-line components, PLC technology and efficient wire feeding options. Includes comprehensive ancillary equipment package to increase productivity. Our anti-crawling machines have great advantages across the country, with excellent quality and low prices.

  Technical Data   

Model DP-FP-3200A+
Welding speed Max.120 times/min
Wire diameter 3-6mm
Line wire space 76.2-300mm
Cross wire space Min.12.7mm
Width of mesh Max.3.2mtrs
Length of mesh Max.6 mtrs
Welding electrodes 44pcs
Welding transformer 150kva*11pcs
Line wire feeding Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Cross wire feeding Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Weight 5.3T
Machine size 12*3.7*2.3m

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  Machine Advantage  

1. Reliable top-quality components.
2. Convenient wire feeding options.
3. Precise control with PLC technology.
4. Enhanced productivity with Auxiliary Equipment.
5. Efficient electric conduction.
6. Smooth operation with SMC valve.
7. Sturdy stainless steel construction.
8. Automatic malfunction alerts.

  Finished Product   

Automatic Security Fence Panel Machine

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