Anti-climb fence welding machine sold to South Africa

Anti-climb fence welding machine sold to South Africa, the South African government is currently conducting an anti-climb fence project. So this anticlimb fence welding machine is very popular in there. This machine can weld 2.5-6 mm low carbon wire, make 12.6*76.2 mm mesh size (this mesh size, Human fingers cannot pass through this mesh), usually make 3200 mm width.

Anticlimb fence welding machine also called 358 fence making machine, clearvu fence machine, fence mesh welding machine, security fence welding machine, this kind of fence welding machine has high security, people cannot climb it. For the protection of important buildings and important places. Of course, you can also use this machine to produce construction mesh, because the size of the welded mesh can be changed according to your needs.

We have two kind of anticlimb fence welding machine, one is mechanical type, another is advanced pneumatic type. Pneumatic anticlmb fence welding machine is faster than mechanical type fence welding machine, but the price is also higher. You can choose machine according to your requirement.

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