Animal breeding cage welding machine main characters:

cross wires are pre-cutting and straightening wire, and line wires are coil wire, it can weld continuous wire mesh sheets and wire mesh rolls. There are two kinds: CNC and pneumatic type. Functional structures of CNC hauling wire mesh machine: line wire straightening and locator device, cross wire store hopper, CNC hauling wire mesh device.

Advanced Advantages:
1. Diameter wire coils are fed, and weft wire funnels are blanked. The weft is equipped with a gripper funnel, and the amount of weft is large, which ensures the fast blanking speed of the weft.

2. The pulling net is equipped with a Panasonic servo motor + planetary reducer to ensure the stability of the system and the standardization of product dimensions. The screen size can be inputted on the touch screen, and multiple weft spacings can be set on the same mesh, which is convenient and flexible.

3. the machine adopts a multi-force air cylinder Connect electrodes, Grid leveling, and fast speed, welding speed max up 120 times/min.

4. The net cutting method adopts a high-speed automatic net cutting machine to automatically cut the net.

5.The Japanese SMC cylinder controls the alignment of the weft wire and the beater wire, the weft wire is blanked, and the net-drawing trolley returns to the net-lifting device and is equipped with an air filter device.

6.High-quality configuration: Japanese SMC cylinder, Taiwan touch screen, Panasonic servo motor, Panasonic servo driver, Panasonic PLC, German Schneider air switch, Delta inverter, etc.

7.It’s compact in structure, easy to operate, and with full functions. The machine mainly makes animal cages mesh.

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