3-8mm roll mesh welding machine

  Description of 3-8mm roll mesh welding machine   

3-8mm Automatic roll mesh welding machine can feed line wire from the coil and cross wire pre-cut. The machine adopts line wire accumulator to stock and feed line wire smooth. Finished mesh can be in panel with mesh cutting machine and convey system, or in rolls with mesh rolling machine.

  Technical Data   

Model DP-FP-2500AA
Wire diameter 3-8mm
Hole size 100X100–300X300mm
Mesh width/height Max.2500mm
Mesh length Max.50m
Welding electrodes 24pcs
Welding speed 80-100 times/min
Welding transformers 150kva*6pcs
Longitude wire feeding Auto coil feeding
Cross wire feeding pre-straighten& pre-cut
Motor 7.5Kw
Factory transformer Min 200-315KVA
Overall Size 45X5.5X3.3m
Weight 24T
Raw material Low carbon wire, black wire, galvanized wire.
Finished welded panel for 6-8mm.
Finished welded roll mesh for 3-6mm wire.

  Youtube Video   

Here you can know more about 3-8mm roll mesh welding machine.

  Machine Advantage  

  • The machine adopts mechanical eccentric wheel and spring pressure.
  • Servo motor and precision speed reducer device to do the movement on the guide way forth and back.
  • Large storage device with low cost to maintenance and adjust the mesh size easily.
  • New type cross wire hopper can hold 1Ton wires, more productive.
  • Cast water-cooling transformers, high efficiency. Welding degree is adjusted by PLC.
  • Main motor and reducer connected to the main axis directly through chains, easy operation.

  Finished Product   

3-8mm roll-mesh-welding-machine

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