3-6mm roll mesh welding machine production line

JIAKE 3-6 mm wire mesh welding machine is a fully automatic type construction mesh welding machine, also called construction mesh making machine, mining mesh making machine, automatic welded mesh machine, welded wire mesh roll machine, or roll mesh welding line. This machine can make both panel mesh and roll mesh.

The 3-6mm production line for wire mesh also need other kinds of auxiliary machines like wire straight and cut machine, mesh cutting machine, mesh rolling machine, water cooling system, air compressor. Also need wire pay-offs.

This machine can weld 2.5-6 mm diameter low carbon wire, make 50-300 mm mesh size, 2500 mm mesh width. The speed of this machine can weld Max.75 times per minute(according to the mesh size you want to make, if you make a smaller mesh size, the speed will be faster, if the mesh size is bigger, the speed will be slower.)

This machine usually manufactures construction mesh, mining mesh, building mesh, road mesh, and so on. If you have your own parameters, you can tell me, I will choose a suitable machine for you.

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