3-6mm mesh welding machine loading! Shipping to Uganda!

Hebei Jiake Welding Equipment recently dispatched one set of 3-6mm fully automatic mesh welding machine to Clinet in Uganda. It is a cost-effective mechanical type mesh welding machine which is mostly used to produce the roll or panel BRC steel mesh for construction use.

Regarding the fully automatic feature: longitude wires are fed from coils directly, then through the wire straightening device for straightening, and then welded together with cross wires to form a mesh. If produce panel mech, the cutting device will automatically cut mesh when it reaches the set length on the touchscreen. If produce roll mesh, the automatic mesh rolling machine is needed.

Most clients choose this machine due to high automation and low price. The main markets of 3-6mm fully automatic mesh welding machines include Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa etc.

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