3-6mm Automatic Mesh Welding Machine

  Description of 3-6mm Automatic Mesh Welding Machine

The DP-FP-2500BN 3-6mm Automatic Mesh Welding Machine boasts top-tier components from Panasonic, Schneider, and ABB. It features advanced technology for efficient welding at 50-75 times/min. Ideal for wire diameters of 2-6mm, it includes auxiliary equipment for wire straightening, cutting, and mesh rolling, ensuring high productivity and reliability.

  Technical Data   

Model DP-FP-2500BN DP-FP-3000BN
Max.mesh width 2500mm 3000mm
Line wire dia(coil) 3-6mm 3-6mm
Cross wire dia(Pre-cut) 3-6mm 3-6mm
Line wire space 50-300mm 100-300mm 150-300mm 100-300mm 150-300mm
Cross wire space 50-300mm 50-300mm
Max.mesh panel length 6m+ 6m+
Max.mesh roll length Max.100m Max.100m
Max.welding speed 50-75 times/min 50-75 times/min
Welding electrodes 51pcs 26pcs 18pcs 31pcs 21pcs
Welding transformer 150kva*6pcs 150kva*6pcs 150kva*4pcs 150kva*8pcs 150kva*5pcs
Weight 10T 9.5T 9T 11T 10T

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  Machine Advantage  

1. **High Efficiency:** With a welding speed of 50-75 times per minute, the machine can produce a large quantity of mesh efficiently.
2. **Quality Components:** The use of renowned brands for electrical components and the robust construction of mechanical parts ensure long-term reliability and performance.
3. **Automation:** Advanced PLC control and automatic wire feeding mechanisms reduce the need for manual intervention, improving productivity and reducing labor costs.
4. **Flexibility:** The machine can handle various wire diameters and mesh sizes, making it suitable for different production needs.
5. **Ease of Use:** The touch screen interface and automated processes make the machine user-friendly and easy to operate.
6. **Durability:** High-quality materials and components, such as pure copper welding electrodes and water-cooling transformers, enhance the machine’s durability and longevity.

3-6mm Automatic Mesh Welding Machine

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